I've always wanted to have a blog, but always used an excuse for not creating and updating it. I've used to think that nobody was going to read it or what I did wasn't important enough. Recently I've started to get involved with open software and specially Mozilla at project called Outreachy (and was eventually accepted for it) and it's the first time that I feel like I'm doing something really interesting and creative. I hope I'll be able to log my experience here (and not give up this time).

For those who don't know, Outreachy is a program that organizes internships in free and open software companies for groups that are usually underrepresented in these projects and computer science in general. Among the several companies that are participating on this round, I've chose Mozilla to contribute to. The project I'm most working is called Kinto, which is a self-hostable storage service over HTTP, with some cool features, like synchronisation and sharing abilities. My main attribution during my 3 month internship is to add support for OpenAPI to Kinto. I'll go through technical details on the future.

So, thank you for your attention and I hope you'll enjoy the content. :)